New look, who dis?

March 24th, 2019

New look, who dis?

It's been a while since we did something for ourselves and it felt like the time was right to start with giving our own website a bit of self love.

The team's been working hard to build our new website and I'm proud to see it go-live today.

We've been excited to get our hands dirty playing with the Jamstack for this build. The site's built using React on top of the awesome Gatsby.js framework. We're using Contentful to serve up our content and assets and then hosting it all on top of Netlify. It's been a great learning curve but we're looking forward to putting this knowledge to use with our clients projects.

Don't worry we've not left behind our roots of SilverStripe and Ruby on Rails but using the JAMstack lets us spin up sites quicker than before and focus on building amazing front-end experiences.