Celebrating our CSS Design Awards for the Netsafe Kete Education Hub

We get it, agency life can sometimes feel like you’re running to stand still. While we feel blessed to be busy, even the best of us can forget to stop and smell the roses, or take a moment to appreciate the work we do. A recent, and pretty exciting, email from CSS Design Awards (CSSDA) gives us a chance to do just this.

We’re proud to announce we’ve received CSS Design Awards for our work on the Netsafe Kete Education Hub. We took home four awards - one for Innovation, UI and UX, and the judge’s Special Kudos Award. These awards give us a chance to acknowledge the fantastic work the team accomplished. We’re proud to have built a team that brings together an impressive depth and breadth of expertise, and can roll with the unexpected challenges or aims of any project. We know without a doubt Voyage wouldn’t be what it is without its people.

CSS Design Awards wins
A big thank you to CSSDA for the wins

The CSSDA, founded in 2009 and lunched in 2010, honours and celebrates studios, agencies and freelancers for work that pushes boundaries in UI, UX and development. The international panel of expert judges are looking for standout projects that highlight what can be done with web design and development, championing creativity and functionality (two of our favourite things).

Our Netsafe Kete Education Hub project saw us developing a platform specifically for New Zealand’s educators, built to help them find the resources they need to create learning programmes and inspire our next generation. We wove in some special features, including interactive quizzes, intuitive search and prompts, with everything brought together by cohesive and aesthetic design.

“Our focus for this build was to make it as simplified as possible while still leveraging the advanced website solutions that are available. We feel the final product strikes a wonderful balance between delivering on what Netsafe wanted and needed, while also allowing for future growth and innovation.” – Deanne Alabastro, Developer, Voyage

The CSSDA is an excellent chance to appreciate not only our work but that of our peers. Perusing the winners and nominees on the CSSDA site is nothing short of inspiring, with many of our design and developer compatriots reminding us why we love what we do - we get to come up with clever and beautiful solutions for a whole range of requirements.

Here at Voyage we’re all about lifting each other up - in our team and the industry as a whole. We’re no stranger to collaborating with other experts or agencies on our projects, and are continually focused on fostering a culture of continued learning and exploration. As our industry continues to evolve, driven by changes in technology and the economy at large, we think this will only become more important.

So what makes award-winning work? We put it down to our people and what they bring to the table, and a company culture that allows everyone to have a voice. To take part in any of our discovery sessions is to witness our team’s skills in offering diverse, considered and creative ideas, and being able to listen to what our client really wants and needs.

A big thanks to CSS Design Awards and to the Voyage team that poured many hours into this new web platform for New Zealand’s educators. From no. 8 wire to lines of code, you best believe our innovative Kiwi hearts are fired up.

Check out our Netsafe Kete Education Hub case study page for a more in-depth look at the project.