Cultivating Growth and Team Building at Voyage - Internal Days

Voyage team photo after ping pong tournament

As we kick off another internal day today at Voyage, I thought I’d dive in and share a bit more about what they’re all about and what we get up to.

At Voyage, we work a 9-day fortnight (more on this in a future blog post), with every fortnight alternating between an internal day and a mental health day.

Our internal days provide us an amazing opportunity to come together as a team and spend some quality time working on R&D. This R&D time allows us to explore and experiment with various personal passion projects or company projects, fostering innovation and creativity within the team. Moreover, it gives us the chance to connect and bond with our remote colleagues, strengthening our collaboration and teamwork.

Today, the team is enthusiastically engaged in some training activities. The development team is up-skilling on new technologies to enhance their capabilities for some exciting upcoming projects. On the other hand, the Production team is dedicating their time to studying and completing a comprehensive Product Management course, acquiring valuable knowledge and skills in their field.

One thing I’ve always promised at Voyage is to provide ample time for learning and up-skilling. By carving out dedicated time for these activities, we are able to seize new opportunities and stay ahead in the fast-paced world of technology.

In the past, this R&D time has proven to be immensely beneficial, allowing our team to acquire new skills that we were then able to showcase and utilise in pitching for new client work. As we strive to design and build custom solutions for our clients, having the time to learn and stay updated with emerging technologies empowers us to apply these newfound skills in real-world scenarios, delivering exceptional results.

Having a laugh at Riverside Kitchen
Cooking masterclass was a good laugh
Phillip & Andrew
Phillip & Andrew spinning yarns about their cooking
Blurry times at Karaoke

Apart from the focus on learning and exploring new technologies, we also like to infuse our internal days with some fun team activities to unwind and recharge. These activities are met with great enthusiasm and the team always brings their A-game, embracing any competition that comes our way.

Some of the memorable team celebrations we have had on our internal days this year include:

  • An epic ping pong tournament that brought out the competitive spirit and showcased our hidden talents.
  • A thrilling Masterchef cooking competition at Riverside Kitchen, where we unleashed our culinary creativity and enjoyed some delicious dishes.
  • An unforgettable night of karaoke at Midnight Shanghai, where we rocked the mic and sang our hearts out, creating memories that will last a lifetime.
  • An exciting day of mini-golf and arcade games, where we put our skills to the test and had a blast competing against each other.

These team celebrations not only provide us with a break from work but also foster a sense of camaraderie and strengthen the bonds within our team. We believe that by creating a positive and enjoyable work environment, we can bring out the best in our team members and deliver exceptional results for our clients.

So, as we embark on yet another internal day at Voyage, we are excited about the opportunities it brings for growth, learning, and team building. It's a day where we can come together, unleash our creativity, and have some fun while working towards our shared goals.