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We were approached by Two Raw Sisters to design & develop an iOS and Android mobile app that would inspire all eaters to rethink the way they traditionally start a meal - by making plants the centrepiece of the table.

The app gives subscribers access to 350+ nutritionally approved recipes, meal plans, women’s health features, and a customised shopping list.

Two Raw Sisters shopping for food
Two Raw Sisters app meal

In collaboration with Two Raw Sisters, Voyage developed the design of the app by focussing on the user experience and making sure the app was easy to use.

The team set up DatoCMS for the content and built the app using the react native framework.

The app was tested using the iOS sandbox and play store before being passed over to the client to do user acceptance testing alongside a select number of test users.

Once the feedback from user acceptance testing was incorporated, the apps were submitted for review, ready to be published.

The first version of the app was released on 27 March 2023 and provides the foundation on which the app can be improved and developed further overtime to meet the needs of users.

Two Raw Sisters app design wireframes
"We were thrilled at the opportunity to bring the Two Raw Sisters app to life. Our collaborative approach, attention to detail, and seamless integration of cutting-edge technologies resulted in a top-notch user experience for both iOS and Android users. We are proud to have created an app that not only showcases our technical expertise but also promotes a healthy lifestyle.”

Keziah Rackley-Gale, Developer


For the mobile app to be successful, we knew that it required systems that were as easy to use as the product itself.

Key deliverables included displaying 350+ nutritionally approved recipes and meal plans, handling user favourites, implementing a customised shopping list, and enabling user subscriptions.

To achieve this, the app was built using React Native, which is an industry-standard framework for cross-platform development. We opted to use DatoCMS for content management due to its ease of use and quick learning curve. To ensure easy management of subscriptions, we implemented RevenueCat, which allowed the data to be managed in one place.

Overall, the combination of these technologies helped us meet the deliverables and create a top-notch user experience for both iOS and Android users.

Two Raw Sisters React Native App
Two Raw Sisters, React Native App, Login Screen
Two Raw Sisters


Two Raw Sisters


  • Design

  • React Native

  • TypeScript

  • AWS

  • Auth0

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