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Your Study with NZ Account helps you easily find the right study options. You can view recommendations personally matched to you, save your favourites and keep track of all your enquiries.


Education New Zealand


  • Next.js

  • Auth0

  • Algolia

  • React

Education New Zealand approached us as they were looking to replace the My StudyNZ matching tool they currently had on their site to create a brand new experience they could offer for their users. The new tool offers prospective students the ability to complete a profile containing their profile information and study preferences. Upon the completion of this profile, they will be presented with study recommendations that best match their profile. Your Study with NZ Account also enables prospective students to amend their profile details to generate different/new recommendations. They will also be able to save recommendations to their saved list and keep track of the courses or providers they have enquired about.

Working alongside a number of agencies, Voyage developed and delivered this new web application with the goal to create a brand new experience Education New Zealand could offer to their prospective and current students while making sure it was easy to use and inclusive for everyone.

Once we were provided with the initial requirements and designs from ENZ we started collaborating with ENZ and the various agencies working on the project to refine the requirements and find efficient ways of achieving ENZ’s goals.

After this stage we were confident we were on a solid path and we got into developing the solution. Along the way we worked closely with our QA tester to ensure each feature was robust before handing the feature off to ENZ who would then provide final sign off.

Penetration testing was conducted to ensure there were no aspects of security that were overlooked. This was particularly important as the site was handling user data.

This was released on Tuesday 7 March, 2023 and provides the foundation on which this web application can be improved and enhanced further overtime to meet the needs of Education New Zealand’s student requirements.

Flow diagram of services
This addition to the SWNZ website has enhanced the prospective student’s ability to explore their education options in New Zealand. They are now able to receive personalised recommendations, save favourites and keep track of enquires they have made to NZ education providers. Proving a secure area where the student can view these options was an essential part of this work and using Auth0 as our authentication provider gave us the ability to quickly and securely roll out an authorisation solution without needing to invest a large amount of money in rolling out a custom solution.

Andrew Nicholas, Senior Developer

MyPath register popup
MyPath dashboard

The new MyPath addition required students to authenticate themselves to be able to favourite and enquire about various education options in New Zealand. These options covered courses, education providers, scholarships, and education agents. The addition also needed to provide a user dashboard behind authentication that would display their favourited, enquired and recommended education options.

Auth0 was used as the authentication service. This enabled us to simply and securely add authentication into the website.

The site integrated with a custom third party API which provided the list of recommendations, and allowed us to submit enquiries and favourite various education options.

For each education option we needed to supplement the data coming from the third party API. We were able to use Algolia to fetch this additional data. The major advantage of Algolia in this instance was its lightning quick response times which had a great impact on our ability to show the options quickly.

Overall, the combination of these technologies and working alongside a number of agencies who were also a big part of getting this project delivered helped us meet the deliverables and create an excellent user experience for both mobile and desktop devices.

MyPath profile popup
MyPath study recommendations
The team at Voyage were great to work with on this project, they were able to deliver within tight timeframes while also delivering a robust and well tested solution. The team are always great to work with and always operate with great integrity and a can-do attitude.

Cassie Merrick, Education New Zealand